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Caribbean Park Business District

Office & Fitout
Building Company
Caribbean Park

We partnered with the Caribbean Park Business District to provide functional and flexible window covering solutions for their office suites. This project was all about striking the right balance: to reveal the great views and access the natural light of the outside world, but also control glare and care for the comfort of workers as the sun moved into the direct line of sight.

We used a high-tech solution to meet this need and installed screen-motorized roller blinds across all the perimeter windows. The blinds themselves allow an interplay of light and shade. They are set to timers that automatically adjust them for the comfort of those in the office suites and also have a full range of configuration options that can be manually programmed. We loved providing this solution that allowed so many thriving businesses to get on with what they do best in comfort.


 “I was amazed at the range of options NOORI was able to offer us. Daniel is an absolute tech wizard! He provided us with solutions that far exceeded my expectations.”

Will Cotton, Caribbean Park Business District